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France: le countdown 1


did i tell y’all that i have the best husband in the world? i may have mentioned a couple times in the past month (or at least once) that we are going to Paris. my wonderful birthday present a few weeks ago was that he officially booked the trip that we’ve been talking about for years. Paris (which he contends is overrated, but where i have never been) and then Strasbourg (where he used to live and teach). and in between? Paris Disney, bien sûr.

Spy travels all over the world for business. me? i travel to Tybee Island and Gatlinburg for vacations, recently. Richmond, D.C. and Florida, to see family. and maybe Columbus, Ohio, for work. it is time for me to go somewhere, y’all.

so. 3 months from today, i will wake up on an AirFrance jet landing at CDG. and we will stay for a week. a few days in Paris. one day at Paris Disney. then a few days in Stras with some Route des Vins time included. and because, why not, Montagne de Sanges. wine and monkeys, y’all! plus 2 amazing cities. what more could a girl want? we’ll celebrate both Miss Girl’s and Spy’s birthdays while there, but i think i got the best birthday present of all in scoring this trip.

with the holidays, i’ve not even been able to get my head around all the planning for this at all yet, but definitely plan to do updates here and would love to have any tips, thoughts, must-sees, etc. from y’all. i am so excited!

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