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Friday favorites

here’s the round-up of my very favorite things from this week. TGIF, everybody!

a fun new outfit


i’m way past due in putting in a Boden order for spring! i’m kind of in between sizes and had a lot of trouble deciding between so many cute things! but settled for now on this dress and shoes, which should be perfect for both work and weekends through the summer. can’t wait ’til they arrive in a couple weeks.

a really good deal


i am so cheap when it comes to Miss Girl’s clothes. i admit it. so i love any chance to branch out from the regular Old Navy and Target and get her at least a few things that are a little different. $85 for 11 adorable items, including shipping, and she’ll nearly be set for summer. cha-ching!

the best local fest


looks like with our weekend schedule of weddings, birthday parties and household chores to get done in between, we probably won’t make it this year, but this is absolutely one of my favorite festivals in Atlanta. the weather’s supposed to be gorgeous, so get out there and let me live vicariously!

rising up


the Falcons’ 2014 schedule is out! up is the only way to go from last year, right? c’mon, August!

one word: Brozen

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