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Friday favorites

one work week of single-mommydom almost down! if that’s not a reason to celebrate Friday, i sure don’t know what is. somewhere between running double-duty on carpool and hostessing Barbie show marathons, i managed to come across a couple cool things that a preschooler would probably hate. enjoy and happy Friday, y’all!

being a card carrying Bitter Southerner


for the past year, i’ve totally enjoyed all the well-told and well-photographed stories of the South and its “cool, smart, groudbreaking people” that have come out of The Bitter Southerner. so i was more than happy to open my wallet recently and show a little love during their inaugural membership drive to help them keep going. my membership gear arrived this week. i’m officially a card carrying Bitter Southerner now, y’all! additionally, there are a few beautiful photos, postcards and bumper stickers in the package. new stories about Southern music, art, culture and life come out each Tuesday. you you should go check ’em out — for the sake of the story, for the sake of the South.


settling up, sans cash

totally loving this app! between pre-k, the silent killer, and my temporary status as single mommy, i have needed a lot of help to keep things running smoothly and keep from running around like a chicken with my head cut off. to that end, i’ve hired a nanny for just a couple afternoons a week and some extra hours during this epic Fall Break situation. so i can actually work like a normal person. anyway, until we decide that this is going to be a permanent thing and formalize payments, i asked her if i could PayPal her or something instead of always having to have cash on hand. i got the oh, you cute old lady look and a request to venmo her. come to find out a ton of people i know are using this app to pay each other for everything from rent to splitting dinner checks to . . . well, some of the posts are only detailed in emoji, so a lot is left to the imagination. anyway, i highly recommend checking it out if you need a quick, easy way to pay/get paid or transfer money between accounts with someone else.

Spring shopping


hello, lover. this fun new way to stay on top of rends and get nearly instant gratification has the potential to be seriously dangerous. discover collections and shop favorite women’s, men’s, beauty and lifestyle brands like Theory, Billy Reid, Coach and Levi’s. then simply swipe to buy.

rocking the vote

i try not to get too political on here, but got kinda pumped when i saw the latest Rock The Vote effort earlier this week. everybody thinks nobody cares about midterms, but there are so many crazy things happening in our country and in our world right now, that i feel like it’s more important than ever for everyone to have their voice heard and elect people who can get some of these problems solved. there’s an issue for everyone to care about. what will you turn out for?

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