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Friday favorites: back in the saddle edition

i know it’s been a long time since i’ve shown my face around here. (thanks to everyone who’s hung around!) still a bit sorting through reasons why (maybe a post for later), but long story short, not writing these little posts is not helping me answer any of the questions i have been having about what i’m doing and why — here and in a couple other aspects of life. so i’m jumping back in. that’s the plan at least! and since i’m in, you know i gotta post my favorites from the week! this weekend, i’m looking forward to Spy returning home from a week in Germany. with everything going on in Europe right now, i just want him to get home safely! also, pool time, Secret Life of Pets (mandatory viewing!) and a wine tasting on Sunday afternoon. hope y’all have some fun/relaxing stuff planned, too! let’s go . . .

Live Aid Anniversary

so i was cleaning out our video/games cabinet earlier this week (been putting it off for years and vacation unpacking seemed like a good time to finally just get in there!) and i came across my Live Aid DVD set. i think at some point in the past 10 years, i finally gave up the Betamaxed originals i recorded as this historic event was actually happening in favor of a version i could actually watch. was surprised to note that the actual date was July 13, 1985. what a spin down memory lane! with this performance one of the most epic moments of my, then, 14-year-old life. swoon.

BeautyCounter charcoal mask

BCcharcoalmask (1)

so, i’m completely in post-vacation cleanse mode. commitment varies daily. but i was completely psyched when my friend Judie, a Beauty Counter rep, clued me into their new charcoal mask. i love a charcoal mask. i had literally been looking for one on their site several weeks ago and i guess was just too early. anyhow, i ordered one immediately. can’t do a proper review yet, but i just know it’s going to be amazing!

Whole Foods Clear Liver Cleanse


so speaking of cleanses . . . i am really trying to undo some vacation damage to my waistline and am officially doing this program for 14 days. it’s not as much a program as it is downing 6 pills a day of herbs that are supposed to be really good for your liver, whose health and efficiency can determine how easy or hard it is for you to lose weight. i also am boosting veggies (especially the cruciferous ones) and protein, cutting grains and dairy and  . . . well, until yesterday, cutting out alcohol. c’est la vie. i figure doing something is better than doing nothing. and i’ve lost 3 pounds of vacation bloat since Monday, so i’m calling the whole endeavor a success so far!

Tin Lizzy Basil Margarita

aaaaaannnnd . . . speaking of completely failing on that 14-day cleanse, i had a mid-afternoon drinks meeting today. yeah, that’s what you do in advertising when you’re booked for lunch and need to meet at like 2:30 on a Friday. after my lunch client meeting and a stupid past few days, i was ready to throw caution to the wind and eff the damn cleanse. chips + queso + guac + salsa? check! and obvs a pitcher of margaritas was happening. we wanted something light and fresh and our awesome waiter suggested adding basil to our already organic, non-syrupy-sweet choice. the bomb, y’all. highly suggest adding basil to your standard margarita recipe to give it a really springy-fresh taste and some pretty greenery that makes it look a bit more exotic.

The Big Friendly Giant

Daddy’s away. most of the neighborhood children have been shipped off to grandparents for some combination of the next few weeks before school starts back. must. be. nice. so Miss Girl and i have had nights to fill. completely abandoning any regard for our usual 8:30-9:00 bedtime, we opted for a 7:15 showing of this film she has been absolutely dying to see. when we walked out, i asked her if it was as good as she expected. her response? no, mommy. it was gooder! great story, beautifully executed. definitely recommend catching this one on the big screen.

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