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Friday favorites: beach edition!


happy Friday, y’all! i feel like it’s been a while. June was a crazy month between just the usual household shenanigans, the bout of death and  drama that descended and some work stuff i won’t/can’t go into. but i feel like things are getting back to normal around here . . . whatever normal is. and i’m completely psyched to be leaving tomorrow for our annual Tybee vacation. whatever June weirdness is still messin’ with me, i know a week on the beach with my family and our best friends will have me fixed up in no time straight. and getting back to posting here more regularly is definitely part of the reset and getting ramped up and ready for the second half of the year.

so with all that in mind, here (in no particular order) are my 5 favorite things that are going to happen this week! hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and Fourth (if you’re in the States)!

1. no meetings i mean there’s like one thing i’m calling into, but it’s not like a whole week of working and worrying about deliverables and schedules. = bliss.

2. family bonding 7 days in a 3 bedroom condo with another family is definitely an exercise in getting along. but i love how the laid-backness of vacation always makes all of us so much more attentive and forgiving with the kids, and how we all spend a little more time re-connecting with each other.

3. seafood they all do oysters. blech. i’ll eat 16 pounds of steamed shrimp if you put it in front of me. there’s something about fresh seafood at the beach that just can’t compare to getting it anywhere else!

4. sun i know it’s not cool, but i am an avid sun worshiper. i will use an 8 or 12 SPF, but never a 30. i just look better brown. blame it on my 80s upbringing. i can’t bear to go to the beach and not get any color.

5. day drinking let’s be honest. you’re at the beach. it’s gonna happen. it’s just a matter of how early it starts each day.

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