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Friday favorites + Blogtober14 catch-ups

well this was inevitable. so much blogging, so little time. i fell behind on the #Blogtober14 prompts. again. but lucky for me (and you!), i think i can wrap up yesterday’s, today’s (since they’re both kind of about favorite things) and my semi-usual Friday favorites in one neat little package here. so overachieving of me, huh? don’t get used to it. enjoy this week’s favorites and have a beautiful fall weekend, everyone!

glossing up (today’s Blogtober)


editing to perfection (yesterday’s Blogtober)


well-spoken young ladies

okay, i’m kind of torn about this one. i just quickly closed it down so Miss Girl wouldn’t watch/hear it. but the point is, it’s not for her. it’s about her. and all the other girls and women out there who should have the same standards of judgement, opportunities and freedoms as their male counterparts. not gonna get on a soapbox, but watch and see what you think. and let me know. or just don’t worry your pretty little heads about it too much.

a good ol’ fashioned pig pickin’


a pig ain’t nothin’ without some pimento cheese


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