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Friday favorites: guilty pleasures

i have to write a separate, tragic post about how we are like 90% through the school year and this schedule has still not gotten comfortable for me — or pretty much anyone else in the house. these early mornings are ridiculous, y’all. it’s felt like another rough week of rushing around, always being late for everything and of course, always forgetting some vital element (a laptop, a soccer ball, my senses . . . ). this morning in fact, as i pulled into my parking garage at a totally respectable 9:12, feeling like a rock star, the school nurse called. an hour and a half later, i rolled into work with a rashy/ughy Miss Girl (again). is there any such thing as a normal day? apparently not. all that said, i’m craving some mindless relaxation this weekend. here are the favorite things i’m looking forward to this Friday night. hope y’all get some mindlessness this weekend, too!

sleeping in instead of soccer

"Sleeping in Mommy's Bed"Krakow, Poland

Southern Charm


strappy sandals




sippin’ wine


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