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Friday favorites (with a $25 off chloe + isabel raffle)

happy Friday, everyone! i’m so excited to be heading up to Richmond for the weekend to visit friends and family. it’s gonna be a whirlwind, but it always is . . . and it’s always a really good time, too. hope y’all have some fun to look forward to, as well! enjoy, and here’s the round up of this week’s fun finds.

chloe + isabel (+ $25 off raffle!)

totally late to the party, i have been so thrilled to be introduced to chloe + isabel in person recently and truth be known, i’ve gone a little crazy! the jewelry is absolutely beautiful and nice quality — at really reasonable prices. my friend and neighbor Judie, one of their amazing merchandisers, is so excited that i’m spreading the word, she wants to give a little back. so, any of my readers who order from her through this link will be entered in a raffle to win $25 off your next order with her! i don’t have that many readers, which means your chances are pretty good. go check it out, the stuff really is super lovely. happy shopping and good luck!

doggie talk

don’t you always wonder what your dog is thinking? i don’t. because i know mine is always thinking what expensive stuff of yours should i chew on next? or where in the house would it be fun to poo? puppies are dicks. but we love them anyway, right? so now (or soon, because even though the site is launched, nothing else is yet, apparently), the Hachiko collar for your dog will send you messages about what he’s up to while you’re away and what he’s thinking. pretty sweet. i’m dying to see how it works.

anniversary dinner

last weekend, i was lucky enough to try out Le Fat for our belated anniversary dinner. everyone on the Westside has been raving about its Colonial Vietnamese dishes and fabulous cocktails since it opened, so we thought we’d get on board. stay tuned for more details and more photos in another post, soon. spoiler: we loved it!

we’ll always have pink leopard . . . well damn. when i pulled out this c.wonder dress for the first time this spring to wear to that anniversary dinner at Le Fat, i never thought it would be the last piece of their clothing i would ever own. where in the hell have i been? i know, right? obvs, i’m not that much of a die-hard fan if i am just now realizing that they shut their doors in January. but they were so cute and it just makes me sad. thanks for the memories and for one of my favorite dresses — this week or any sunny, spring week!

 . . . and pink wine.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: i ain’t ashamed. there are times in your life when nothing will do but a pink wine. period. one of those times for me happened to be last Sunday. i was in a great mood and thought it would be girly and fun to sip on for patio juicetime. i looked for a nice rosé, but Publix couldn’t deliver. so for fun (and because i was feeling daring) i picked up a bottle (okay, 2) of this Sutter Home White Merlot. full disclosure: i even put an ice cube in the first glass because i couldn’t wait for it to chill. (Spy would probably say that’s my Tennessee comin’ through.) but you know what? it was delicious, y’all. delicious. i won’t bring a bottle over for supper (unless you ask). and i won’t pretend it’s fancy. but on a steamy afternoon in the backyard or at the pool, when you’re in the mood for something to sip on that’s a little sweeter than usual, go for it. i promise, you won’t be disappointed. and i won’t tell a soul.

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