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gingerbread friends

lord. Miss Girl talked me into buying this gingerbread cookie kit at Michael’s last weekend. i knew it was bad news,  but i did it anyway. obvs. because i’m the best/worst mom in the world. it came with 8 pre-baked cookies, 2 colors of fondant, a mess of white icing and decorative candies. okay, let’s just agree: there is nothing about fondant that is for 4 year olds. nothing. she was totally over it as soon as i’d lovingly cut out patterned shirts for the first 2 cookies. no small feat for my first time with fondant. she went outside to play. i blew through 4 more designs, kind of impressed with myself.

next thing i knew, there were 5 girls and a boy in my house all wanting to decorate the last 2 cookies. she had apparently told the whole neighborhood what was going on in here. they swooped in from both the front and back doors, all wide eyed and full of chatter. they feverishly ate, decorated and added onto cookies that had already been done with. and it was the sweetest, most chaotic thing ever for like 20 minutes. and then as quickly as they had come, they were gone, leaving only a trail of cookie parts and icing globs behind. it all happened so fast that there’s no photographic evidence to prove that for a brief and shining moment, there was an entire, adorable gingerbread family in my kitchen. i guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

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