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how he made my Mother’s Day


yesterday afternoon, these arrived. sweet Spy actually remembered Mother’s Day all the way in Poland—and did something about it. not that he’s terrible in this area, but he still totally scored some points with the gesture alone.

but there’s more. not only are they gorgeous, they are from my favorite florist. he actually remembered that i had mentioned i liked the flowers he got me from Buckhead Blooms way more than another florist he’s used recently, and acted on that information.

and then there’s the card. an in-writing thank you for everything i do. again, not that he’s an ingrate, but as with many husbands, he’s kind of been spoiled into thinking things just naturally run smoothly in the household, without any idea of the 30 million lists, errands, appointments, purchases , etc. that allow that to be so. acknowledgement and gratitude just makes it all worth it.

it all kind of made me swoon a little.

hope that today, all the other mothers out there are feeling as special and appreciated as i am!

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