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how we turned 6


i am such an incredible nerd. i wish i had a sweet picture of Spy and myself from a romantic anniversary outing yesterday—kissy-facing and clinking champagne glasses on a rooftop patio as the sun sets over the Atlanta skyline behind us with a sparkle in our eyes and rainbows and baby unicorns hovering nearby . . . i don’t. what do i have? selfies and food porn. worst of Instagram: guilty! all that aside though, we had a really wonderful evening of dinner, drinks and even running into a couple old friends and meeting a couple new ones. it was a fantastic, much needed adult night out and a wonderful way to celebrate 6 years of official togetherness.

what i wore my new Boden cork platforms came this week (yes!), so i was dying to take them for a spin. i hate the color of my matching pedi on its own, but with the Papaya shoes, it’s a perfect match and looks awesome. and, turns out the shoes (and pedi) are a perfect match for a LOFT tunic i haven’t worn in about 5 years and can finally fit into again. so fun to pull something old out of the closet and freshen it up!

what we drank Thirteenth Colony Southern Vodka turned out to be a yummy substitute for Spy’s usual Kettle One (no, he didn’t drink the whole bottle!). it’s brewed nearby in Americus, Georgia, and will likely become our new house brand if i can find it somewhere—i don’t recall ever seeing it in any of my usual retail liquor haunts.

what we ate so glad this second attempt to make it to King + Duke was successful. everything was absolutely delicious. the space is awesome and it was a gorgeous evening for pre-dinner cocktails on the patio. we started with a steak tartare, which i don’t usually do, but hey, you only have a 6th anniversary once and the husband was into it. then i had roasted scallops over a perfect mix of squash, mashed potatoes, corn and artichoke. Spy got the trout, which comes wrapped in bacon, so you know it has to be good. and because you just have to get dessert on your anniversary, we got the chocolatiest, gooiest thing they had: Valrhona chocolate cremeaux (i don’t even know what 2 of those 3 words mean!). yum.

what we gave most husbands send a bouquet of flowers that’s only a memory in a week. mine planted 2 gorgeous baskets of them that will last all summer if we don’t forget to water them! and of all the wooden gifts i looked at, the tree was my favorite. Trees Atlanta has dedicated a lovely dogwood in Candler Park to us. they were really fantastic to work with, and i feel like we did something good for our little part of the world. i can’t wait to go see it this afternoon!

and in the end . . . cocktails on that rooftop patio (Whiskey Blue, atop the W Buckhead) did ensue. and with that, we set off happily toward 7, when (hopefully) my husband will actually appear in some of my pictures so i can prove we celebrated together!

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