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it’s a heart-shaped world

i feel like such a season pusher here. it isn’t even February yet and i’m already posting about Valentine’s Day. personally, i think Valentine’s Day is a commercialized load of well crap fraught with unrealistic expectations and inevitable disappointments (thanks Hollywood and Madison Avenue). that said, there are so many completely cute things to make (and eat)!

with Miss Girl, it’s all about the activities. and with Spy gone, we’re definitely going to need to find some ways to keep busy over the next couple weeks. so i’ve been working on getting out ahead of this whole thing and have put together a Pinterest board with all the best Valentine’s Day DIYs i could find (plus some cheap date ideas and other miscellaneous fun). above are just a few of my favorites. we’ll be trying some of them out over the next couple weeks leading up to the big day (and Spy’s arrival back home — yay!). i’ll definitely let you know what kind of disaster ensues here. with pictures. because you know it probably won’t be pretty, but hopefully will at least make for a good story or two. check out the board and let me know what cute and fun V-Day DIY trouble you’re planning on getting into.

photos: heart animals – Crafty Morning heart cookies – Michael’s Oreo pops – Makoodle ombre cake – Michael’s wreath – twoinspireyou mini lanterns – Good Housekeeping

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