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moar. meat.


i did it! all that leftover chicken and sirloin kebabs . . . gone! and it didn’t even take me all week. a little creative recycling and a straight-up repeat for me and it’s done.

Monday: couscous with the chicken and onions, add red and green bell peppers. everyone’s happy.

Tuesday: steak on salad for work lunch? hello, lovely.

Tuesday: slice the chicken. cover it with the sauce and onions. serve it up with some prepared mashed potatoes and green beans. after a few beers, the husband never realizes his late night dinner is one third the leftovers he eschewed mere days before.

Wednesday: single girl steak dinner with some of those mashed potatoes. yum!

whew. thank goodness. only one more dinner to get through before we head out of town for the long weekend. i wonder if anyone would be offended if i ordered pizza . . .

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