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munch out on your lunch out: 5 Seasons

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ermagahh, this was so kind of weird. i mean. or not.

so, 5 Seasons is  totally Westside. and i’m so embarrassed i haven’t been. until earlier this week! and it was a project end/work kind of lunch in fact, that drug me in. i’m terrible. i know.

Spy had had a happy hour or something in which he didn’t like their beer, i think. and at the time, they only sold their beer. did i also mention my husband is sometimes not the best at evaluating these things? consider it mentioned.

so, officially nomnomnoms! grass-fed burger can get topped with pretty much anything you want (though you do have to ask). given previous holiday party, i pretty much wanted it topped with the Taj Mahal. and bacon. and everyone was cool with that. and the 5A Pale Ale (which i can’t find on a menu, but i know was true) was the perfect complement.

really happy i finally got to check out this spot. definitely want to hang here more! fun staff, good eats and yummy brews. yay and #westsideisthebestside and all 😉

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