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munch out on your lunch out: Front Page News (Midtown)


welcome to a little mid-week Mardi Gras! this was a random, impromptu outing with some former co-workers last week. gorgeous patio weather, y’all. i’m not sure we could have picked a more perfect day — except for the fact that every day in October seems to be even more perfect than the last. viva al fresco!

so, the patio lunch scene at FPN is completely chill, but full of lawyers. the clean-cut middle-aged white guys in suits next to us seemed pretty appalled by our, um, colorful conversation. or jealous. but whatevs. we weren’t there to make friends.

i honestly have only eaten here a handful of times. it’s more of a happy hour place for me and Spy, usually. but i was super-pleasantly-surprised by the gorgeous and generous spinach salad topped with grilled chicken that i got. i couldn’t even finish it. but i have to say, i was a little jealous of my neighbors on either side with an iceberg wedge (hello, blue cheese and bacon) with fried chicken tenders to my left and a fried shrimp po’ boy and tater tots to my right. nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. yeah, right. i am totally sure that shit does.

all in all, completely solid lunch offerings in a great setting. getting in and out on a tight lunch hour was a little bit of a challenge, but just know before you go. and absolutely do the free valet. it’s just stupid not to. then let me know how you like it!

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