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munch out on your lunch out: Taqueria del Sol (Westside)


god, i freaking hate this place. omg, please give me another taco. but don’t make me stand in line for it, dammit! oh, and another margarita, por favor? agghh.

mmmkay, yeah. that and this picture pretty much sum up my relationship with Taqueria, as it’s known amongst . . . well, everyone. like it’s the only taqueria in all of Atlanta.

i was too into the special hot chicken taco to even put it down long enough to take a pretty food picture last week. sorry. something like Buffalo spicy + habañero + an extra tablespoon of effing delicious. gawd. i got that and my standard carnita. salsa trio, queso and guac rounded out the meal. oh, yeah. plus margaritas because, um, Friday, y’all (only one of those is mine!). the food is amazing. though, now that i’ve tried bartaco, i might like to see some kind of head-to-head challenge. i really can’t say who would win. i can say i would leave fat. and probably drunk.

so the thing, though, is this: people wait in line for this shit. every day. like if this shop were on a street and not in a strip mall (hey, welcome to the ATL), it would be down the block. wuuut? it is good. no doubt. but i stopped waiting in line for anything sometime in the 90s, when i stopped going to The Bank/Fifth Column in DC  because i was damn tired of waiting in line. i only showed up last week because someone from work wanted to get out and go. we were lucky enough to get 3 seats at the bar and avoid the line. life changing, y’all. just one more time when sitting at the bar has done me right.

but the cool thing about the Taq that can’t be replicated is the crowd. still working on why, but . . . it is a lunch haven for Atlanta creatives and entrepreneurs. might have something to do with the Goat Farm in proximity. or maybe it’s just about being awesomely Westside. but for some reason, whenever i go, i tend to run into people in the same digital/ad/start-up/freelance space that i live in when i’m not here. and that’s cool. and weird. and i’m all over it. and, well, yay for not eating lunch at my desk!

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