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NaBloPoMo: bonus post!

okay, okay. for those keeping score, this is less of a bonus post and more of a make-up post. call it what you want. with just 2 days to go, i’m officially caught up on this 30 days/30 posts NaBloPoMo insanity. whew.

so, i usually try to stay as far away from work here as i can (especially on days i’m not working!). but here’s a funny little story that happened Wednesday when my mom was visiting.

first. have you seen the new Buick campaign? if not, watch this.

we were leaving lunch in Midtown with Spy, who’d met us after some morning meetings. we entered the garage and our cars were parked next to each other. recently, Spy finally traded his 14 year-old BMW for a Buick Lacrosse. among other things, it’s fantastic for the ongoing joke about my husband being the middle-aged white guy driving the Buick. at any rate, we all said our goodbyes. we got in our car, and Spy got in his. as Mom, Miss Girl and i pulled away, this happened:

Mom: is that Spy’s car?

Me: um, yeah.

Mom: but i thought you said he bought a Buick.

Me: it is a Buick. pause. bwahahahahaha. that’s just like the ads!

Mom: oh my god, it is.

i am completely not shitting you. that really happened. then, of course, much laughter ensued.

as much total fluff advertising as is out there, there’s also a lot where agencies (in this case, Leo Burnett) have really done their homework, found some real consumer insights and built simple, but interesting, stories around them. yeah, their brief is showing a little, but i still think it’s a great campaign because it speaks so much truth about the brand, how people perceive it and how it’s changed. also, because whenever i see one of the spots, i’m always weirdly proud of my middle-aged white-guy husband for choosing that car.

and now, we return to completely non-work-related programming.

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