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NaBloPoMo day 10: fiddle-dee-dee!


squeezing in a bedtime post here to try and get back on track. day 9 got away from me, so i’m behind a NaBloPoMo post (again). i just decided i’m going to treat these like the stupid abs challenge from June and keep track of how many behind i am, then double up on days when i’m feeling heartier. kinda works, right? well it’s gonna have to.

this quote reminds me that a fresh start is only a few hours away. a chance to reset. a chance to re-group. a chance to redeem myself. lawd, Miss Scarlett, give me strength. i’m determined to rise refreshed and ready to take on day 11, maybe even get caught up on my daily posts. and i probably ought to throw in a few crunches for good measure, while i’m at it. what are your big plans for Tuesday?

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