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NaBloPoMo day 13: munch out on your lunch out — Apres Diem

lest i’ve given y’all the impression that the only thing i ever eat out is tacos or salad, i present you with photographic evidence to the contrary. i love me some frites as much as the next girl-trying-to-be-good-but-being-bad-anyway. and this quaint little Midtown spot has some of the best in town. when you can smell the garlic as soon as they put them down, you just know. more on that in a minute.

Après Diem is another one of those random Atlanta spots in a strip mall that my former, snobbier self would have never thought of, but is just so good. i actually had a baby shower there several years ago and have enjoyed many a lunch, brunch and after work cocktail. it’s nestled in between Piedmont Park and Virginia Highlands, so it’s a little ways off from most of the office buildings up and down Peachtree, but is def quick and easy to get to from both Midtown and Downtown and well worth a hop in the car.

the classic European bistro has a lunch menu with a pretty extensive set of salad, sandwich and pasta options. it also offers a nice range of snacky small plates including steamed mussels and lobster crostini, as well as daily specials ranging from fresh seafood to chef’s choice burritos. and the well-rounded wine list always gives me some tough decisions.

when we arrived on Monday, the fear that we were fast approaching the last of the perfect autumn days demanded that we dine on the patio. sunglasses, please and no jacket required. because of its location, you’ll never find a lunch crowd and will generally have your choice of outdoor tables on a weekday — even in the most glorious weather. the staff is super down to earth, friendly and willing to help, even if you’re not their table.

we started with the Whitehaven Sauvingnon Blanc (you had me at New Zealand) and frites, of course, with 3 dipping sauces. the perfect combination of crispy outside and tender inside. and so. much. garlic. these are probably my second favorite in town after J.C.T.’s truffle oil frites. i mean, truffle oil? those have to win. but these are definitely second. we also stayed classic with the brie and baguette plate, which included a nice selection of fruits, veggies and olives, whatever food group those fall into.

then, as if entrées were even actually necessary at that point (they so were not), a couple salads arrived. i chose the Fattoush Salad with a grilled chicken add. close to a Greek salad, with all the feta, olives and pepperoncinis plus yummy roasted eggplant on top. a small size was more than enough after the apps gorge.

because there was no crowd, no one was trying to turn tables and we could have easily hung out for the afternoon, if we’d wanted to. trust me, it was tempting. but alas, work and our sense of responsibility called. so the lunch hour(s) had to suffice.

let me know if y’all check it out and bon appétit!

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