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NaBloPoMo day 15: Atlanta Olive Oil Company


at the end of a lazy Saturday morning of sleeping in (at least for me — yay!), grabbing breakfast out and meandering around Westside Provisions for far too long for a day when i had a hefty to do list, we made one last unplanned stop on the way home. we’d seen the “Coming Soon” signage for Atlanta Olive Oil Company for months and it turned out that today, they were finally open.

i had no idea what to expect going in, but found a charming little shop with old world feel — cozy chairs scattered around and large, heavy tables where patrons chatted with the owner and staff over teensy silver tasting spoons. the left wall was lined with dozens of different kinds of flavored balsamic vinegar. the right was lined with as many kinds of flavored olive oil.

one of the owners and the knowledgeable staff walked us through some of the options and how to use and pair them. the Chocolate Truffle and Tropical Pineapple balsamics were amazing and would be great over ice cream or fruit for dessert. the Scallion and the Basil Lemongrass olive oils would be amazing for cooking. in the end, though, we went home with the Persian Lime oil and a Cucumber Melon vinegar. co-founder, Verna, assured us they were fantastic paired over salad. and that the oil on its own is great for cooking fish or vegetables. i think it would be delicious with shrimp, so that may have to go on the menu this week!

on top of the unique concept, great product and friendly atmosphere, i think their packaging is great. the tri-sided box that carries 2 bottles is just cool and i’m really excited to start giving some of these as hostess and housewarming gifts — way more memorable than just another bottle of wine. i so hope these ladies are a success! go check them out if you’re in Atlanta — they’ll also be doing formal tastings and hosting private events. and if you’re not local, their site does a great job of helping out with pairings and you can always order online.

and please, y’all. nobody even knows i’m writing this review, much less asked or paid for it. so my honest take is totally guaranteed.

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