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NaBloPoMo day 20: sparkling or still?

yeesh. last night was late. after my work party, there was a lengthy gabfest with Spy, who’d just gotten back from a quick trip. and there was a lot of wine. and well, it all was completely fantastic until today when morning arrived way too early. so i headed over to The Daily Post  in hopes that somebody, anybody could tell me what the heck to write about today, since the old brain wasn’t quite firing on all cylinders. another winner!

What’s your idea of a perfect day off: one during which you can quietly relax, doing nothing, or one with one fun activity lined up after the other? Tell us how you’d spend your time.


so first, i have to ask: this “day” off is like way longer than just 24 hours, right? i mean, because i want it both ways: sparkling and still. and, given my experience with days off, i’m wise enough to know that there is never time for getting in enough of both. huh? oh. right. yeah. this is my fantasy, day off so it can be however long i want it to be. sweet.

now that that’s settled, i’d definitely start things off with sleeping in and family snuggles. waking up knowing i don’t have a single true obligation is the most delicious feeling ever. after that, in no particular order, i’d like to fit in

  1. all my chores. when that growing to-do list that lives in my head has too many items on it, i just feel out of control. a good day of errand running and getting organized really goes a long way toward keeping me sane.  right now, a lot of that revolves around getting ready for the holdiays — ordering cards, finalizing our party invitations list and getting those out, figuring out what the heck i’m doing about Thanksgiving dinner and nailing down gifts for everyone — and also just the normal stuff like getting the car cleaned, de-cluttering at least one closet and dropping some stuff off at Salvation Army . . . whew.

  2. working out. i have definitely fallen off the wagon lately with winter temperatures and fleeting daylight hours. the idea of a long run or a visit to the gym where i’m not just trying to race in and out as quickly as possible sounds amazing.

  3. basic maintenance. honestly, y’all. i know i make it look effortless, but keeping up *all this* is nearly a full time job. okay maybe not full time, but not looking like a hot mess all the time can keep a girl busy. there’d definitely be a mani/pedi, massage, root touch-up and some waxing.

  4. shopping. meandering through a few shops at my own pace without a 4 year old demanding my attention would be heaven.

  5. lunch or drinks with girlfriends. catch-up time is crucial to my mental well-being.

  6. napping. duh.

  7. seeing a movie. another rare luxury. of course there’d be popcorn.

  8. reading a book. one of my very favorite things is lying on the sofa in our sunroom and reading something i love all afternoon. it’s been ages.

  9. a date with Spy. those are fun anytime!

  10. blogging about it all. because the awesome would obviously need to be documented.

omg i am so boring, y’all! haha. would your perfect day off be Sparkling or Still?

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