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NaBloPoMo day 24: eat. drink. give thanks.

omg. i so did not intend to be that girl. but hell. i came home last night to an utter disaster of a house after being gone for a mere 36 hours. “working at home” for part of today actually ended up in more real working than intended. and well, damn. i’ll just admit it: i am now in full-on holiday mode. there is so much to do, y’all.

so bear with me, while i use these next few posts to share some in-progress and maybe-once-in-a-while finished holiday thoughts and projects that i’m just doing anyway.

today, after having gotten most of my home back to bearable (3 loads of dishes, 3 loads of laundry and multiple rounds of picking up random shit off floors, counters, bannisters, tables . . . basically any surface . . . ugh). i also sent out the holiday party invites, which has been a majorly big deal to pull together (more on that later), made the Thanksgiving groceries list, cooked a real non-Thanksgiving dinner, paid bills, went for a run and worked for a few hours (all not in this particular order, obvs). then tonight, i tackled the next thing on my list: the Thanksgiving menu.


kind of dumb, but don’t judge. i always print and frame a menu of what we’re eating for Thanksgiving. even if it’s just me and Spy. it stays on the kitchen counter for the few days before and after, and just kind of makes it feel like a real thing to me. so since i’m so obsessed with chalkboards at this particular moment, i did it that way this time. still working on how to design these things and not really in love with the results, but this is where we are at 11:30 on a Monday. deal. i do love that it highlights the ingredients.

some of these dishes i’ve done forever. one is new this year and one — for the first time ever — is purchased. stay tuned and tomorrow, i’ll reveal which is which, and as many of the recipes as i can string together. i just realized in going through all my printouts and scrappy notes in my recipe notebook that <shockandawe>most of this stuff i’ve been cooking since before recipes were even available on the interwebs.</shockandawe>

which silly Thanksgiving traditions do you love?

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