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NaBloPoMo day 27: 100 reasons to be thankful

y’all know i already did my obligatory Thanksgiving list like days ago. this is totally different. this is about me waking up this morning to find that i have 100 (one hundred!!) awesome followers. thanks gajillions, to each and every one of you! what a wonderful Thanksgiving surprise.

i continue to be amazed, warmed and encouraged by the fact that anyone at all is reading this, much less clicking those follow or like buttons. what?!?! i’m so thoroughly enjoying writing more, taking on posting challenges (which i’m so happy will be over in 3 more days), reading other blogs and connecting with other bloggers (a part of all of this that, weirdly, i’d actually never even considered). this kind of milestone is just icing on the cake — like inch-thick, double-fudge, Kahlua buttercream with dark chocolate shavings on top. thanks again. seriously. i’ll try my best to stay follow-worthy. promise and for real.

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