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NaBloPoMo day 28: black Friday (a no-retail zone)

omg. literally. i can’t think of anything i’d less like to do than stand in line for 16 hours in the freezing cold in the middle of the night probably surrounded by super-annoying people, face a stampede of said annoying people, risk getting crushed against the automatic doors of some big box retailer, then run for my life to be the fastest and fill my cart with the last one of something nobody really needs. all just to save like $100. i mean. to Seinfeld this, what is the deal with Black Friday? just gross.

so, in protest, i present you with a bunch of other black things that are awesome. and have nothing to do with Black Friday. have a fabulous weekend, y’all!

The Black Crowes

black cats


Jack Black


black beans


The Black Keys

black sand beaches


Black Forest ham


Black Velvets


outer space


this dress i keep trying not to buy and especially won’t today. on principle.


#BlackFriday #littleblackdress #BlackKeys #outerspace #NaBloPoMo #JackBlack #BlackCrowes #blackbeans #BlackForestHam #blacksandbeach #blackcats #BlackVelvet

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