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NaBloPoMo day 29: Small Business Saturday haul


while i hate every single thing about yesterday’s shopping shenannigans with the white-hot intensity of 1,000 suns, my feelings about today’s shopping cause is equally as strong in the opposite direction. running a small business — especially retail — is hard. and i love to do anything i can to support those businesses owners whenever i can. getting family and friends unique gifts that can only be found in Atlanta is a total bonus, if you ask me. also, American Express offers $10 off $10+ up to $30 for purchases made at small businesses today, which also doesn’t hurt.

today, i visited 3 of my favorite shops and felt awesome about being able to support them — like the serious dumb ear-to-ear grin as i practically skipped down the sidewalk with my shopping bags in hand, humming Pharrell kind of awesome.

Mint Salon truth be told, it was just time for color and cut and i had scheduled this one 5 weeks ago like i always do. i’ve been going to this Midtown salon on Piedmont Park for years and my stylist, Emily, completely rocks. she is super-talented and the atmosphere is completely laid back and fun. it’s like a mini-vacation when i get to go for a couple  hours and just chill sans husband and girl. today, i also picked up a bottle of Unite “Boing” Curling Cream, which is supposed to help my hair hold its curl. so far, it seems to be working like a charm.

Preserving Place this Westside Provisions District boutique is a “unique ‘farm to store’ retail concept focusing on food preservation and preserving our Southern sense of place.” as you might imagine, the shelves are lined with delicious jams and preserves in flavors like Hot Peach & Ginger and Adult Pear (Grand Marnier makes it adult) that as yummy in recipes and on cheese plates as they are on plain toast. but they also carry a host of pickled things (like watermelon rinds), sauces and spreads. the staff couldn’t be any more lovely, the space is gorgeous and the products make fantastic small gifts or can be added to a gift basket with books and accessories they also sell. my purchases were all Christmas gifts, so i’m not saying what i bought!

Atlanta Olive Oil Company i did a post on this Westside find a few weeks ago when i discovered it. check out that post for a longer description of this new shop offering something like 60 amazing flavors of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. when i went back today, they were out of 2 of the things i wanted, but the owner promised to call me when more came in. i hadn’t even gotten home when i received a text from her letting me know she’d found one last hidden bottle. you would so never get service like that from a big chain retailer. love these ladies and hoping everyone getting a gift from there loves it as much as i do!

did you participate in Small Business Saturday? what are some of your favorite local shops?

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