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NaBloPoMo day 30: last hurrah & lessons


break out the Cristal, bitches. it’s a wrap!

i can’t believe i survived. why didn’t somebody stop me from rolling straight from Blogtober14 into NaBloPoMo? i mean, really. i said back at the beginning of the month that i must be crazy and now, i’m completely sure i am. good. now i can officially use that as an excuse for other totally bizarre and stupid shit i do.

so seeing as how i’m still alive and able to type and all, i figure i should use this last post to reflect on the experience. so deep of me, right? so here goes. here’s what i learned blogging every single day for nearly 2 months.

  1. it was unbelievably fun. seriously. such an awesome creative challenge.

  2. i met some amazing people who apparently are just as crazy as i am. y’all know who you are.

  3. i can do this. with the exception of a couple days that i made up, i got a post up every day. i never thought i would have so much to write about!

  4. prompts are life savers. there were definitely a few days when i wasn’t feelin’ it and prompts helped get me through. though i gotta say, i much more enjoyed the Blogger14 prompts from The Daily Tay and Helene in Between over the NaBloPoMo prompts on BlogHer. they were generally a bit lighter and it was easy to so something quick and easy or dig a little more if i had the time or inspiration.

  5. projects are lifesavers. let’s be honest. i’m not all that crafty or foody on a regular basis. but for some reason, October seemed to be full of making and baking, which was good for a few posts that i really liked. must. make. more. stuff.

  6. i never could have done NaNoWriMo. such a good call to bail on that in favor of this. if it was this hard to do a daily blog post, which technically could have just been a photo (oh, Wordless Wednesday, you sorry/brilliant excuse for a post), there is zero way in hell i would have hit a 50,000 word goal. period. this was a good way to find out.

  7. trying to compensate with a weekly short story was stupid. that only happened like twice. i was too busy writing blog posts every day to sit down and write a story, so it ended up being a last-minute, half-assed attempt the day it was “due,” which didn’t feel good.

  8. planning is key. for some reason, i was better about planning and even writing posts ahead of time in October. in November with Spy home and more going on, i kind of winged it a lot more. while the Sagittarian in me prefers flying by the seat of her pants, the Virgo in me feels much more at home with a game plan. honestly, i think a mix of planned and more spontaneous posts keep things interesting without making me crazy either way.

  9. i don’t understand BlogHer at all. i linked most (okay, some) of my posts and cross-posted a few, but what an unbelievable pain in the ass, y’all. why on Earth would you do that all the time with every single post? i mean, i get it for promoting, but it is just incredibly time consuming and the interface is painful. it kind of makes me shocked that it’s such a thing. i must be missing something.

  10. i would totally do it all over again.

so at this point, y’all might not see me around here for a couple days. i think a little break to hit some of #8 is a really good idea. but who knows . . . i might just wake up in the morning with something i have to share. thanks to everyone who went on this crazy ride with me and have a great Monday!

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