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NaBloPoMo day 7: Friday favorites

yay for Friday! seems like things are finally getting back to normal with Spy back from all his travels and me getting back to some semblance of a routine. as much as i hate to admit it, i thrive on routine. just wish i could be disciplined enough to stick to one for any length of time! anyhoo . . . this week turned up a few fun finds. enjoy and have a great weekend!

warmer runs

okay, y’all. when i went out for my run Monday morning and it was 36°, i nearly died. but it was light out, so i pushed forward and, in the end, was glad i did. but it was clear that if this is going to become a thing, which it needs to be, i need some new gear. enter the lovely items above, all from Target. Champion Hooded Stretch Tech Fleece: this is awesome. so lightweight, but really warm. it’s got a hood (obvs), all kinds of pockets and even a reflector strip. i have never owned any clothing with a reflector strip before! Champion Beanie Hat: i needed it to keep warm and wanted a pop of color (they only had the jacket in black in my size). it’s got a reflector strip, too, and i just thought it was fun. Isotoner Smartouch Technology Gloves: because i always have to change the song on my iPhone and taking off gloves to do it sucks. i haven’t been out since to test this stuff, but soon . . .

finding it fast


we finally got a preview of the family photos we had taken a couple weeks ago, with the promise that the full set will be ready soon. i didn’t waste even a minute before taking my favorite of those and starting to design our Christmas card. i love, love, love minted. great designs, super easy process/interface and beautiful product. i used them for Miss Girl’s birthday invites and party accents. so i was even more psyched to log on this week and find the “find it fast” feature. it lets you try out a photo on an entire page of card designs all at once. i honestly cannot think of anything more convenient. fingers crossed we get all our photos tomorrow and i can get this done and ordered this weekend!

design by AI

i’m glad there’s a video because i don’t even know how to explain this one. i’m completely intrigued. basically, The Grid lets you input all your content and it designs a website around it. it’s supposed to be completely custom, seamless and awesome. i can’t even imagine how it works, except that they have a crap-ton of templates with oodles of variations and some mad algorithms. i signed up to be founding member #7130 for the spring release. and they even take Bitcoin for payment. this shit is legit. . . . or either it’s the biggest scam on the planet and i just wasted $96 . . . stay tuned!

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