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orange you glad it’s Saturday?


sorry. i couldn’t resist.

every year for the holidays, my dad sends us a crate of citrus from Florida. various kinds of oranges, gorgeous red grapefruits, tangerines . . . you name it. finally a couple years ago, i bought a juicer because, i mean, a person can only eat so many oranges, right? best. decision. ever. because the oranges just don’t stop coming, y’all. (and we wouldn’t have it any other way!)

this year we received like a  thousand beautiful tangerines and navel oranges. after digging out my kitchen from Christmas gift baskets and the rest of the holiday mess, i finally, finally got around to making some juice this morning. 12 fruits turned into about 4 cups of this sweet deliciousness. these 2 are a great combination. i rounded out Spy’s breakfast with the 3 B’s (bacon, bun and berries) to get this rainy, grey Saturday off to a sunny start. hope yours is sunny, too!

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