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out with the bad, in with the thin


thank god, that bag of turds known as 2013 is out the door and headed to the dump. i mean. worst. year. ever. and i know i’m not alone. anecdotal evidence assures me that at least eight out of 10 people i know personally had a crappy year (imagine the numbers, when you factor in people i don’t know!). i’m actually looking forward to the Chinese New Year, too, when this terrible Snake year will be over — just to be safe. any way i look at it, better times have to be ahead. right?

i sure hope so. because this is my year to get my crap back together on a lot of fronts. and one of those fronts (and backsides) is losing some damn weight. there it is. it’s out there. i’m officially on a diet and you’ll probably hear more about it. ugh.

i never quite lost all the baby poundage after Miss Girl’s arrival, nearly 4 years ago. then the worst year in the history of time packed on another 10ish. damn you, coping cocktails and comfort food. and a week ago, today, i just got over feeling crappy about it all and decided i was ready to do something about it. a brilliant idea when you’re still right in the midst of holiday catch-ups and cocktails. clearly, fat cells are eating my brain.

at any rate, i’ve signed up on My Fitness Pal and downloaded the app. i’ve logged faithfully for a week and hit the gym more days than not. the plan is to lose 20 big ones as fast as i can and then see how i feel. hopefully, soon, my fat clothes will meet the same fate as 2013.

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