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Paris: eat. sleep. explore. repeat.

well, after a totally insane Friday (i got everything done, y’all!) and 8 hours on a plane “sleeping” like a contortionist (though apparently was so out by the time i served breakfast, i totally missed the whole thing), we made it! all i can say is that the first leg of our 10 days in France was amazing. 48 hours was a complete whirlwind of just trying to get through the basic must-sees in Paris. i absolutely wish i’d had longer and may need to come back for an extended stay sans child. ahem. though Miss Girl did absolutely great for the most part with all the grown up stuff, truly, truly.  the people were lovely . . . no, really lovely. and the weather turned gorgeous after a chilly, grey start. we felt pretty lucky we didn’t just get rained on the whole time! there’s far too much to tell, so i’m hoping these pictures can capture the heart of our experience (it’s still a long ‘un, kids). you can roll over images for captions and click to move through whole galleries. savourez! à la prochaine . . . (sooner, i swear!)


of course everyone raves about the food in Paris. with a 5-year old in tow, we didn’t have the opportunity to get too fancy or even to while away an afternoon at a café sipping wine and lingering over moules-frites. however, we did have a few awesome quick and low-key culinary encounters that i think did justice to, let’s say casual French dining, with a mix of bistro fare and street food. one thing’s for sure: this was not a low-carb event.


fact: Paris makes my family sleepy. not sure if it’s something in the air or the sheer state of being actually on vacation and relaxing, but we have never slept more as a family than we did that 2 days! after a nap to get caught up from the sleep we missed on the flight, we also had absolutely no problem adapting to a European lifestyle of eating dinner around 8:00 or 9:00 and then falling asleep easily around 11:00. that’s honestly not too much later than our regular schedule of bedtime. but, while we’re used to pretty regular 7:30 weekend wake-ups at home, here we slept until 10:00 both mornings. all of us. it was heaven and i never wanted it to end. in addition, a certain somebody picked up a habit of sleeping in cabs. no fail. every single one we got in, she dozed off. it was pretty amazing.


alright. so like i said, 48 hours in Paris was so fast. we did some basics. had some great weather and feel lucky Miss Girl let us get through as much as we did. i did quick hits on pretty much my whole list and feel satisfied. next time, i’ll actually go into the Louvre and Musée D’Orsay. will stroll a little bit more leisurely and book an afternoon of lounging at a café and generally do a more expat writers tour of the city. with time, of course. what i won’t ever do is shop. sorry, i have no desire to buy shit i can’t afford in Atlanta somewhere where i’m not at least paying American taxes on it. Hermès, Vuitton, Chanel . . . i’ll see y’all at Phipps.

repeat. so that was the schtick for the 2 days. sleep late. breakfast at the hotel. roam around. swim/work out. roam around more. fall in bed around 11:00. get up and do it all again. i could totally get used to this! unfortunately, there was more vacation to enjoy . . .

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