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pumpkin patchin’


duh, y’all. my burgeouning (not to be confused with bourboning) career as a mommy/lifestyle/writing blogger would not be complete without the obligatory October apple picking post (check!), pumpkin picking post (read on — check!) and pumpkin spiced something warm and cozy recipe (fuck. that. shit.) though i do have to admit, i tried and failed miserably at a pumpkin smoothie a couple weeks ago. just so i could blog it. ugh.

so here’s the deal. Miss Girl and i headed about an hour south, down to McDonough, Ga., on Saturday morning to Southern Belle Farm. there was a meet-up with some of her friends from her “old school,” so we couldn’t miss it. we even ran into some neighborhood friends, so obvs, it was the place to be that day. aside from pumpkins — which are much more boring than apples, because they don’t actually let you go into the patch to pick them — there are 4-wheeler races, bounce houses, petting zoos, hay rides and pig races (though again, not as cool as the apple farm pig races!), corn hole and a maize maze. we got worn out. it rocked. now, for your viewing pleasure, we post the photographic evidence. enjoy, y’all!

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