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rise. rock it. repeat.


it’s Groundhog Day, y’all. i’m writing this early, but no matter what happens this morning, you know there’s gonna be 6 more weeks of winter, right? that is always the way. in Atlanta, we’re looking at some solid 50-ish temps and sun for a while. woo-hoo! but that doesn’t mean it won’t be Snowmageddon again in like 3 weeks.

so what if the horror of the great 90s movie Groundhog Day really came true and every day was exactly the same?

well, immediately, i freak out because i imagine how incredibly bored i would be! but then, think about the movie. think about the opportunity to get one entire day exactly right. life is about learning lessons and applying them to different, unpredictable situations — maybe what you learned last time works on something else next time, maybe not. but there is something super appealing about learning the exact right way to handle a finite set of situations. and then reveling in the glory of doing it. over and over and over again. i would . . .

  1. totally work on how to have the absolute most fun possible.

  2. eat and drink everything i ever wanted to.

  3. host a party every day. until i didn’t want to every day.

  4. say whatever i wanted. all the time. keep saying the things that make my loved ones smile over and over again.

  5. buy everything i ever wanted and enjoy the hell out of it for 24 hours at a time.

  6. waste time like there’s no tomorrow (doh!) — read trashy magazines, not unload the dishwasher or fold laundry, sleep in, day drink, take really long baths, get completely caught up on Real Housewives OC, ATL and BH . . .

  7. completely live in the moment.

maybe a better question is what would i not waste my time doing, thinking or worrying about? that’s probably another post . . . what would you do?

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