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September first: yurts so good!

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first time camping in forever, y’all! and definitely my first time staying in a yurt. 19 went into the woods. 19 came out. there were no lions, tigers or bears. though there may have been a racoon, a tarantula and a coven of witches performing a full moon ceremony. true story.

all in all, our weekend adventure was a total blast. i was completely impressed at how well kept and un-creepy the whole sleeping and bathroom situations were, aside from the Friday the 13th scenarios that kept playing in my mind every time i had to walk the 100 yards up a dark path from the campfire to the loo. personal issues, i guess. we had a couple little bugs scamper across the floor at night. i was much less worried about them being buggy and more worried about them waking Miss Girl, who insisted on sleeping on the floor, true outdoorsman that she is. she also insisted on peeing outside the entire weekend and was kind of mad at me that i wouldn’t. i had to draw the line somewhere. besides, i would totally take Jason over an ass-full of poison ivy any day.

so, here are a few pics:

Friday night after everyone arrived and got set up, the kids ran around like maniacs while the adults cooked, cocktailed and caught up. Cards Against Humanity inevitably came out (white people do like $5 foot longs, thank you very much.) and i was glad we had those jelly jar tea lights to read by! i think i mentioned that we spend a lot of time with most of these folks, as we’re all neighbors and the kids are in school together. but it was fun to hang out in a different setting with a different set of activities and discoveries going on.

speaking of activities, Saturday morning, we all piled onto a pontoon boat and cruised around Lake Hartwell for most of the day. i so love being on the water and it feels like it’s been ages since we were on a private boat. it reminded me of the weekends we used to spend with friends cruising the Potomac in Spy’s family’s boat when they still had the house there. nothing better than the sun on your face, wind in your hair and an occasional spray of surf.

anyway, the guys had found 2 awesome spots last year that they wanted to show everyone. the first was an area with some cliffs, where the popular thing to do was climb the rope and jump off into the water. that was mostly for the dads and older kids, while the rest of us — including my heights-fearing self — watched from the comfort of the water, gently floating in our life jackets. the second was a little cove with a great beach and an underwater terrain that dropped from 0-10 feet almost immediately. the kids loved swimming around in the deep water. i could do without the alternately sandy and mucky bottom (which has always freaked me out in lakes), but the beach was a perfectly nice spot to sit and watch all the fun. the whole day was so much fun in fact, that it nearly sealed the deal on the idea of taking a lake vacation next summer instead of our annual trip to Tybee. guess i’ll have to get used to the muck.

more maniacs running, cooking, cocktailing and catching up ensued after we got back to camp. another sleep with the with the windows open and cicadas singing and it was time to pack up and head out. just in time, because after a beautiful Saturday, Sunday morning threatened downpours several times before we actually got out of there — luckily with not much more than a sprinkle. all in all an awesome weekend that i’d be surprisingly happy to do all over again.

here’s to trying new things and a happy September!

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