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Strasbourg: return to civilization


having lived there for 2 years several years ago, Spy laughed at my assertion that Strasbourg would feel like the epitome of refined urban living after what i’d endured at Marne-la-Vallée. i’m happy to say i was right. this adorable city treated me to a proper hotel with a life-changing shower situation (no joke) and internet from this century, along with a host of other lovely moments for my eyes and mouth as we toured and tasted our way down memory lane. with a suddenly slower, more relaxed pace to our days, i think this may have been my favorite stop of the entire trip.

motoring in style

i love a road trip! it was a beautiful day for this little journey that took us through the French countryside with a stop at Reims for Chagall and champagne.

sweet suite

i know. but i couldn’t help myself. i told Spy that we’re coming back for our 10th anniversary without Miss Girl and having already seen all the sites of Strasbourg can just spend a long weekend holed up in this room at the Hilton Strasbourg.

speaking of seeing the sites . . .

two days was a totally comfortable amount of time to feel like we’d explored, tasted and shopped all we needed to. the only thing i didn’t get to do that i’d wanted to was the boat ride. for some reason, boats weren’t really running the main day we were sightseeing. perhaps that’s the one reason i’ll leave the hotel room when we come back.

and because we could . . .

yep. we walked to Germany for happy hour. there is a beautiful pedestrian bridge that (depending on your point of view) starts in Strasbourg and ends on the other side of the Rhine in Kehl, Germany. we took the lovely stroll, then found Villa Schmidt — with the perfect riverside patio for sundowners (German this time, of course).

next stop, Route des Vins. stay tuned!

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