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Sunday supper: gameday breakfast

god, it’s weird to watch football at 9:30 in the morning. but with the Falcons in London (along with Spy — and our Falcons flag!) you gotta do what you gotta do, y’all! given that this is the only meal that will likely get cooked in this house today, i figured i’d go ahead and post it and  . . . well, with the time difference, it’s practically suppertime over there anyway, right?

breakfast pizza seemed like the only appropriate thing to make for a morning football game. duh. and since i forgot orange juice for mimosas yesterday, and hated opening bloody mix for just like 2, i went with pomegranate prosecco (prosecco + pomegranate liqueur). right, because there’s no orange juice in the house, but there is procecco? who am i?

this is the easiest thing in the world to make. basically take everything you like for breakfast and put it on a pizza crust. my pizza consists of eggs scrambled with tomatoes, onions and spinach. i used an Udi’s gluten free crust. i squirted a mess of Sirracha on as sauce, spooned on the eggs, then topped with cheese and bacon.

i realized later (like now) that it’s kind of sad looking with no sides or anything, but this is totally a complete meal in itself. and, like, i so didn’t need to make anymore food for just me! (Miss Girl wanted no part of it and just rocked her usual Sunday bacon and croissant.)

hope everyone else’s Sunday is off to a good start. eat up and rise up!

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