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Sunday Supper: lazy basics

it has been an insane few weeks. with the husband half a world away and me holding down the fort as a working single mommy and planning a certain someone’s 4th birthday party all on my own, cooking real food has been one of the absolute last things on my list. chicken nuggets for dinner again? sure. Mommy will be having her usual turkey jerky and wine.

tonight, when i offered up the options of fish or pasta (a.k.a. pantry livin’ since i haven’t actually done a full grocery run in over 3 weeks), the husband went for the comfort food. not my druthers, but fine. it was, after all, the first real meal he’s gotten since returning home.

so, not much to tell:

  1. Dreamfields low carb penne (don’t know if the low carb claims are really true, but i’ve been eating this stuff for years and at least i feel like i’m doing something good.)

  2. Publix Premium Basil & Tomato Pasta Sauce mixed with browned, seasoned lean ground beef

  3. veggies: all the news is here. last night, i salvaged the remnants of the veggie tray from the birthday party. voilà. cleaned, chopped squash, zucchini, cauliflower and broccoli ready to be sautéed. just added some onion and a little Morton Nature’s Seasons and they were good to go.

nothing wrong with slowly easing back into this whole cooking thing, right?

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