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Sunday supper: pesto-crusted salmon


wow. i think this might be the first actual meal i’ve cooked in something like 2 weeks! pasta and doctoring a pizza do not count. i totally loved the break, but getting back into a regular routine has been tough this week with Miss Girl being sick Monday and Tuesday (i totally blame her nose on the armrest during the cab ride home. ugh.). i figured cooking a real Sunday supper was a good way to kick things into gear to start off a new week on the right track!

y’all know how i do, so when i say “cook” you know it’s a very loose term around here. i had a pile of chicken in the freezer, but was itching for seafood and got a good deal on some salmon today. i kind of do the same thing with fish pretty much every single time (Emeril’s Fish Rub + grill pan), so i started perusing the pantry for other options. i’m also kind of in a use all your old shit kind of mood since a lot of stuff got cleared out the week before and of France. anyway, because i buy random stuff all the time with good intentions (and then never follow through), there was a jar of pesto. i thought that might be interesting. turns out, pesto encrusted salmon is actually a thing and i’m not crazy to think it might work.

pesto-crusted salmon here’s my inspiration recipe for those interested in actually cooking. for those who aren’t, i basically took half my jar of pesto, added about 2 tablespoons of bread crumbs and followed the rest of the directions for prep and cooking. results? OMG freaking delicious, y’all. i mean. really. wow. this might become a regular thing around here. except it’s like 1,000 calories. whatevs.


sides bringing up the sides were another couple of tweaks to what i usually do:

green beans steamed, then quickly sauteed in butter and garlic (it is apparently National Garlic Day, after all), then splashed with lemon juice.


also, fake risotto. ha. i was in the midst of cooking up some brown rice (half water, half chicken broth), when i decided it needed to be more (Spy is not a fan of plain old rice). so just before it was all done, i added half a can of cream of chicken soup (i was out of mushroom, which was the first choice) and about an ounce of shredded Parmesan. it turned out super creamy and delicious. i would just maybe cook the rice in the broth about 10 minutes longer next time to make it softer.


dessert for Spy and Miss Girl was boxed brownies. you know, because we fancy (duh). actually, don’t knock ’em. they’re Ghiradelli and they’re delicious.


so there you have it, the theme for the night: fake it ’til you have time to make it! good advice for the week ahead — have a great one, everyone!

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