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Sunday supper: spoils of the day


yesterday, we spent an amazing day at B.J. Reece Orchards near Ellijay. in addition to the apples we picked (more on that, as well as what the heck i’m doing with all those apples soon!), we also brought home nearly an entire crate full of preserves, pickles and sauces all made right there. or nearby. okay, honestly, i didn’t really check, but they have the farm’s label on them, so they must be local. anyhoo, among the jars and bottles, was a peach barbecue sauce that seemed like the perfect answer to dinner on a somehow rushed Sunday evening. it was fantastic on chicken — nice blend of sweet and tangy. Miss Girl, who hasn’t veered far from ham and cheese quesadilla and mac ‘n’ cheese in recent weeks, even ate some! i rounded out the plate with some sautéed kale (olive oil + garlic), which i haven’t done forever and just absolutely love, and some store-bought mashed potatoes. and with that, another weekend’s come and gone. here’s to a happy Monday!

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