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Sunday supper: steak & salad


i know. i’ve totally been slackin’ on these posts — and on actually doing anything interesting or different for Sunday supper, for that matter. so, inspired by the August Real Simple, which i just finally got a chance to thumb through this weekend (downtime, wut?), i put on my big girl pants and actually followed a recipe tonight! and i survived to reap the benefits.

the recipe

the add

(at least for Spy) roasted potatoes left over from Saturday night’s dinner. (red potatoes, sweet onion, olive oil, salt, pepper, Herbes de Provence — y’all know i never measure . . . bake at 350° covered for like 30 minutes, then uncovered/low broil for a few to brown them.)

the deal

wow, this was awesome. period. totally my kind of meal and actually, really easy. what looks like a raw egg over the steak in my pic is actually hot sauce butter. hello? yeah. literally Crystal + butter slathered on steak. so it had that going for it. i usually do a Montreal marinade on my steaks, but simple kosher salt and pepper did the trick tonight with this sauce.

for the salad, well, i am going to admit i had never grilled corn before! truth be told, i should have done all this on the outdoor grill, but since Spy refuses to let that live on the patio it just seems like such an ordeal to wheel it around. the indoor grill did not do justice to the corn (or the steak for that matter), but also aside from dinner not being ready until like 8:00, it kind of worked with a lot of love and tin foil.

and of course, in the tradition of me not ever actually following a recipe, i made some adjustments. first, i halved it, since there were only 2 of us and what in the hell was i going to do with piles of left over dressed salad wilting in the fridge? i used 3 cups of spinach, but the full dressing recipe. we don’t do well with too-dry greens around here. there were no scallions around, so i just threw in some sweet onion and called it a day. also, somehow, i have 2 bottles of white wine vinegar, but no red. (story of my life and mixed up shopping lists . . .) so i used that. i thought it was delish. would probably double the vinegar next time, but it worked.

the verdict

this one’s definitely a keeper/do-over/make for guests. and on the even upper side, i have some left over for tomorrow’s work-from-home lunch. #winning

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