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Sunday supper: the last Sunday

today is my very favorite day all year. well, right now, at least. it’s the shortest day of the year. and i am miserably tired of waking up in the dark, taking Miss Girl to school in practically the dark (it’s not light here until about 7:30) and getting home in the dark. as of tomorrow, that begins to change. minute by minute, the days will start to get just a little bit longer and things will (okay, fine, in a couple months) feel less dismal and more normal. so in light of (ha) feeling a little celebratory  about making it through the darkest days here, and the fact that we will be traveling, not cooking next Sunday for the final Sunday of 2014, i thought one last of these posts this year was in order.

FullSizeRender 2 copy

y’all may have noticed i’m a meat and 2 girl 9 times out of 10. the reason is it makes it easier to watch my carbs this way than trying to figure out low carb casseroles and such that Spy will eat (though i do have a few of those in my bag of tricks). in 2015, i resolve to work this out. seriously. but for now it suits me just fine to eat around the starches most nights. up tonight:

garlic-lime mahi with pepper jelly salsa i’m still dying over that Persian Lime EVOO i picked up a few weeks ago. it is just. so. good. and perfect for sautéeing these mahi fillets that i also seasoned with a little Emeril’s Fish Rub. for a sweet/spicy topping, i mixed equal parts (about 2 tablespoons each) red pepper jelly and plain old store-bought salsa. delish!

kale with mushrooms a super easy, but super flavorful side. i have also been in the midst of a kale addiction for a while. i steam mine (about 6-8 cups of it) in the wok with just a bit of water underneath and foil on top until it softens. then add olive oil (1 tablespoon or less), garlic (about a tablespoon), salt & pepper (to taste) and just a dash of nutmeg. this time, i was also craving mushrooms, so i threw in about 4 ounces (about half of one of those pre-sliced packages you get at the grocery) of chopped baby portabellas. i could eat this at every single meal, i swear.

roasted garlic & olive oil quinoa no big shakes here. it’s a boxed Nature’s Earthly Choice product that is pretty good as quinoa goes. though honestly, i’m not all that crazy about quinoa, i just eat it occasionally since it’s supposed to be healthy. ha. great recommendation, right?

bon appétit and have a wonderful (slightly lighter) week, everyone!

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