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the Christmas shoot

so here we are. it’s the middle of November and time to start diving into the annual Christmas card project. and here i am with no family photo. coordinating with our regular photographer this fall for our annual family shoot proved to be impossible. given the current financial circumstances around here, it was probably an extravagance anyhow. so this morning, i coaxed Miss Girl into a dress (way harder than it sounds, leaving me with no fight for the tights battle), grabbed the real camera and headed out to the park for a photo session. at the very least, i could get a cute shot of her to slap on the front of a tinyprints, right? 203 photos later, i think we have one we can use. unless a lot changes, a career as a super-model is not in this child’s future.

she’s more interested in being dramatic than looking sweet.


she’d rather run than strike a pose.


she continually crosses the line between smiley and hammy.


and i absolutely couldn’t possibly love her any more if i tried. i’m pretty sure #134 here is the winner.

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