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travelin’ man gets a midnight sweetie

did i mention that Spy’s gone again? i can’t even remember what i did 5 minutes ago, let alone whether it’s been covered here. it’s been a crazy several days since i last posted, including a sinus infection that kept me in bed the better part of 2 days and has one of my eyes nearly swollen shut (hawt!), another trip to the mechanic (only $200 this time — woo-hoo!) and a series of other schedule shifters that have just got me totally out of whack. so anyway, he’s gone. Europe, i think . . . nah, i know that much, y’all. come on! some series of northern-yet-still-glamorous destinations that have so far required a lot of very serious meetings over delicious local beers (according to Facebook). i know. being a superspy is totally hard. so i get a text from him this evening:

arrived safe & sound in Zurich – hotel even had a cupcake waiting for me in my room.

um. i know he gets all kinds of special treatment all over the world. duh. superspy. and it’s been a rough few days for me. i’m out of sorts. and i admit my mind raced a little. cupcake? wait, don’t they call that a strumpet in Switzerland? wait, i mean . . . and because he’s awesome, there was a photo attached. and it literally was of . . . wait for it . . . a cupcake! made of flour and sugar! waiting on his desk, not on the bed! so not like on the Bond films! still seems a bit, uh . . . suggestive, though. amiright? maybe it’s the angle? and is that a mini éclair on top of a cupcake? if so, they might have the bacon-wrapped-macaroon-stuffed-cronut business beat! if not, watch out, y’all. i’m doin’ it! crazy. ass. Swiss. love it!

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