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When Everyone’s On a Fabulous Summer Vacation . . . Except You

I’ve never really fallen victim to FOMO or social media jealousy. I know I’ve got a pretty great life and am usually exccited to see friends living their best lives (or at least looking like they are). But this summer feels a little different. We’re not taking any substantial summer vacation and seeing everyone else’s summer travel pictures is kind of killing me!

I know, I know. We just went to London for (part of) Spring Break. And we had a trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan planned for later this month, but with my health issues, the new doggo and generally feeling over-scheduled, we decided it would be best to have a quiet summer at home. Don’t get me wrong. I’m loving lazy weekends with nothing on the calendar and a general plan along the lines of maybe hitting the pool and maybe getting groceries, but I guess I’m feeling a tad out of sorts because we don’t really have a trip to look forward to — and that’s a pretty unusual situation for us.

In the past, we’ve always at least done a week at the beach (Tybee, Hilton Head, Isle of Palms) and it’s always a wonderful break in the summer routine and just an easy, relaxing getaway. This year, I’m planning a 3-day girls’ weekend at the beginning of August (which I am looking forward to) while Spy and Miss Girl head out on a completely random trip to Mt. Rushmore (Am I a total loser for having zero interest in seeing it??). And I’m taking a few Fridays off just for the hell of it. But somehow none of that feels quite the same as the excitement of leaving town for entire week.

So instead of focusing on what I’m not doing, I’m trying to think of each weekend as a mini staycation and really savor the perfection of the everyday moments. And let’s be honest. We’re pretty much doing the same things we’d be doing at the beach, just in our own home and without the beach. Last night, for example, we had juice time on the back patio as a family and Miss Girl and I played card games. I never do that with her and the little card shark was thrilled to show off her skills and to have Mom’s undivided attention for an hour. I have literally not been on my computer since Wednesday afternoon and do feel like the past four days have been an actual break from reality. We hit a pool party, saw fireworks, visited a friend’s lake house, practiced guitar, watched all of Stranger Things Season 3 and Women’s World Cup (U-S-A!! 🇺🇸), laughed harder than I can remember trying to catch Carter, who loves to put something in his mouth that he shouldn’t (shoes, plates, rocks . . . ) and run from us. And we even have a few cute pictures to show for it all. So maybe, just maybe it’s okay not to be so jet-set for once and enjoy the simplicity of staying put.

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