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wine Wednesday: the box of wine


so excited for my latest random foray into trying new wines on the cheap. i recently received a coupon in the mail from for $100 off a case costing $160 or more. potentially a $60 case? the per-bottle math was irresistible, so i made time to check it out last weekend.

what i found was even cooler than expected. way more than a basic wine of the month club, Naked provides crowdsourced funding for independent winemakers. sure, you can just go on and buy a few bottles or a case, but become an Angel and you’ll also help to fund the production and marketing of some unique and lesser-known wines from around the world. they seem to have a good mix of reds and whites available by the bottle or in well-thought-out cases. for $40 a month, Angels get even deeper discounts than are available to the general public and that monthly nut is actually yours to spend on wines versus some kind of club fee. what’s not to like, right?

i ended up purchasing the All-American Poolside Sippers case. seems Georgia has something funky going on that wouldn’t allow me to order a case that included any internationals. who knew our BS immigration stance applied to wines, as well . . . but don’t get me started. anyhoo, i ended up with this fun mix of 15 whites and rosés that seemed like they’d pair great with warm evenings on the patio. plus i threw in 3 extra Sauv Blancs that looked good, based on descriptions and member ratings. that put me at $89 (free shipping!) for 18 bottles that normally would retail for over $300. not. too. shabby. everything arrived today — right on time and in good shape. i logged back onto the site and got a nice, quick interactive questionnaire making sure everything showed up in as expected and that i understood the benefits of being an Angel.

loving the personalization and attention to detail.

so far, so good. i’ve already cracked open the 2012 Jacqueline Bahue Rosé and love it! pink wines are tough, as they are often too sweet. this has some sweetness, but it  isn’t overpowering. definitely glad there are 2 bottles!

i’ll report again next Wednesday. until then, cheers!

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