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wine Wednesday: wah-wah


gaaaaahh. you know how when you look forward to something for so long and you just know it’s gonna be awesome? and then it actually happens and you’re like completely on pins and needles about the whole thing for like the first 10 minutes just waiting for the awesome to descend? and then you’re like 15 minutes in . . . and then 20 . . . and then you realize this thing is not at all what you built it up to be? and then you move into full on disappointed? yeah, that was pretty much my evening and i am bummed.

since moving to our new downtown digs, i’ve been dying to try White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails. tonight, i got my chance, when a few of us went down for what was supposed to be a quick post-work libation. okay, the good news is that the place is gorgeous, the menu looks amazing and i love the spot for convenience and mix of people around. it was a gorgeous fall evening, so we opted for the patio, where there was ample people watching under a clear blue sky and light breeze. and then we waited. and waited. seriously slowest service i’ve had in a long while and that kind just got us off on the wrong foot.


we didn’t get around to trying any of the noshes (special outdoor menu features some small bites + a handful of selections from the regular menu). i did, however, have the pleasure of meeting a new wine: Decoy Zinfandel. honestly, at $14 a glass, i expected a bit more from it. i found it fairly light for a Zin — more similar to a Pino Noir. i guess i prefer a heavier, spicier red, over smooth and fruity. don’t get me wrong, both glasses were delicious. i would definitely give the whole thing a try again, definitely order some food and chalk this up to the new moon or something.

in the meantime, the box has beckoned a few times over the past week. it has been everything i expected, but i do have to say that over the past couple days as the temperature has dropped a few degrees and i’ve still felt like some white, i wished there could have been a couple Chardonnays in here. nonetheless, i definitely got into that Bahue Rosé i love so much. as usual, it did not disappoint.

for new bottles, i decided to get to know a couple New Zealand siblings: Lay of the Land Pinot Noir & Sauvingnon Blanc. i have to confess, all the Sauvingnon Blancs are starting to taste the same to me. from here on out, i think i need to open at least 2 bottles at once and really taste them for comparison. this one was definitely good, but there wasn’t anything that exactly stood out. crisp and actually, super citrussy. but not one i will probably remember a couple months from now. the Pinot, on the other hand, was super yum. very spicy up front and a nice smooth finish. there’s one glass left and i will definitely savor that. probably on a patio, under a clear blue sky and light breeze, when i don’t have to wait for anyone else to bring it to me.

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