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5 on Friday

So this posting every day thing is hard, y’all! But I guess I knew that going in. It’s been a while since I’ve challenged myself with daily posts, but that familiar feeling of torture mixed with accomplishment is still the same.  By my count, I’m down 5 posts, including one for today. So Imma wrap ’em up here and try to get back on track! This Friday, I’m thankful for . . .

1. A phone call from a friend

Spy is traveling again and I’ve got a 10-day stretch of being a single mom. The momming part isn’t really any harder, but the absence of another adult in the house to have a conversation with is! I do enjoy my quiet time after miss girl has gone to bed, but man it was nice last night to hear aunt t on the other end of the phone, get out of my own head for a little while and talk about issues at a higher level than whether I like Darwin or Gumball better.

2. Modern Medicine

Science is truly a beautiful thing. I started the week certain I was about to be taken down by a nasty cold. A few days and a bottle of Zicam later, I’m pretty sure I’ve escaped the viral wrath.

3. Meaningful After School Activities

This year, miss girl has chosen to do drama, outdoor explorers and hapkido. And for the first time, she is really excited and engaged in all three. I love to see how excited she is and how much she is learning and growing through each of these activities with the help of dedicated teachers. (belt test later today, so fingers crossed!)

4. Sleeping Single In A Double Bed

For what seems like months, miss girl has slept in our bed for at least some portion of every single night. That means 4 people (including Lily!) Lined up on pillows each night. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good snuggle, but I also like a little space and a little privacy in the morning. Not sure what has changed, but since spy left, she has stayed in her bed all night, every single night! It is glorious to have my bed to myself.

5. Fire & Water

We’re enjoying gorgeous fall weather in Atlanta. And — because I can — I’ve spent the day working in my living room instead of my office. With the back door open, I’m enjoying crisp air and the soothing sound of our backyard fountain. But because that air is a little crisp, I’ve also got the fireplace on! Totally ridiculous, I know, but also super Zen. I’m a very lucky girl to get to work this way!

What are you thankful for today? Each day during this month of thanksgiving, I hope to post a thought about something I’m thankful for as a reminder of how much I have.

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