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big girl room updates


as much as i love this photo and the rest of the room around this, it breaks my heart that my sweet baby girl is suddenly seeming so grown up! we’ve made the big move over the past couple weeks to get rid of the glider in her room that no one ever uses and that takes up so much space. the plan is to get another smaller adult chair (still working on this) and add nightstands, as we’re constantly losing sippy cups inconveniently behind the headboard, atop which we’ve grown accustomed to resting them.

well, as you can see, the nightstand part of the plan has come together! but not without an ordeal. why else would i be writing about it?

okay, so do you know how expensive nightstands are?? friggin’ nightstands. for children. no? well let me clue you in. don’t even think about Pottery Barn Kids or somewhere cute, trendy and that will pretty easily match the Carter’s stuff you already bought when she was a baby. you’ll be in for over $600 before you even know it, which is probably about the same amount you paid for the entire Carter’s set of crib, changing table and dresser that’s gotten you through the past 4 years. you’ll kill yourself trying to shop the Overstocks and Wayfairs of the world looking for something less pricey but still adorbs. and then you’ll resign yourself to the $99/ea. Ikea option that you’re not in love with, but will settle for and then wonder holy hell can you wait the 6 weeks it will take for the husband to put two of them together? so you’ll put off going to Ikea and worry about this all for a couple weeks, searching site after site incessantly for a better solution. and then you’ll be glad you ordered that case of wine.

and then. one day. you’ll just happen to be in Target (because you are like every 4th day, anyway) and you’ll happen upon this little beauty and you’ll see the possibilities. it’ll be on special. and you’ll know that you’ll save your RedCard 5% on top of that. you’ll decide that though it may not match the other furniture perfectly, eclectic is good. you’ll put one pre-assembled, no-allen-wrench-omg! piece in your cart and decide to order the other one online if you like the first one. then you’ll cruise on over to the drawer pulls aisle to pick up a pack of these. and when all is said and done, you’ll be in and out for under $150 and be thrilled with how it all turned out. sometimes, everything just goes your way.

that, my friends, is how Miss Girl suddenly got a very grown-up looking room that she and Mommy both love for a price that seems totally appropriate for a 4 year old’s room. sweet dreams, indeed.

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