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DIY: time zone clocks


not everyone is lucky enough to be as jetset as we are. with Spy’s work trips taking him across the globe for sometimes weeks at a time, it’s tough enough to keep up with where he is, much less whether it’s a good time to call. so when our kitchen clock died recently, i had the brilliant idea of replacing it with 3 new clocks that will tell me the time in the places he visits most. plus, i thought it would be a fun way to help Miss Girl learn to tell time. the only problem was that (of course) i couldn’t find any that i liked. so i made them myself! such a super easy, fun and inexpensive (under $50) project, and i absolutely love how they turned out.

i found this simple clock at Target for just $14.99.


i bought 3 and honestly had no idea how i was going to get the city names for my 3 time zones (Hong Kong, Paris and Atlanta) on them. the original plan was to get some letter stickers in a font i liked and put them on the outside of the glass. but there was the little problem of the logo on the clock face. seemed like it was going to look messy with that up top and a city name on the bottom. if only there were a way to cover it up . . .

luckily, when i turned the clocks over, i found that the backs come off! no idea why, but they do. that meant i could open up each clock and put a label over the logo. my plan started coming together.


after some trial and error with sizing and color, i was able to match the off ecru clock face background and cover the logo without making it look too crazy. i would definitely recommend printing these on sticker paper, but of course i didn’t have any.


thank god for a glue stick. with some careful cutting and gluing, i was able to get it just right. 3 times.


probably the hardest part of the whole thing was getting them hung in a straight line and evenly spaced. oh, and getting the second hand exaaaaaactly the same on each one. whew.

oops. looks like my next project needs to be a more proper spot to hang all the art that gets created around here! in the meantime, i’m loving that we can easily see the time at home, in Europe and in China in a quick glance (and can’t wait for Spy to go on his next trip!).

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