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Birds of A Different Feather Flocking Together

Getting this one in under the wire! But sure enough, it took me all day and a couple late “meetings” (at lovely rooftop bars on this gorgeous autumn evening) to crystallize this thought . . .

Pretty much no one can deny that the political climate is crazy right now. Well, let me take that back. Pretty much anyone who’s paying any attention, asking questions and looking at multiple news sources can’t deny that the political climate is crazy right now. (because I literally have overheard people having conversations blissfully ignorant of . . . Basically anything of substance going on in the world.) I’ve heard so many stories of people breaking ties with friends or not speaking to family over politics in the past year and have seen how divided many of us have become.

If y’all have read back a bit on these pages, you know where I stand on things. Most of my friends hang closer to my end of the spectrum, but not all. Tonight, I had the pleasure of meeting one of spy’s college roommates for the first time. Back then, my husband was the conservative and his friend was the liberal. 30 years later, the tables have turned, but the friendship remains the same. We talked about old friends, old music, our kids, our careers and whether Austin or Atlanta will be the new home of amazon’s hq2 (Atlanta, duh). And just like with my friends with whom I can’t talk politics, the things drew us together in the first place are the things that really matter and will stand the test of time.

Tonight, I am thankful for the friends who see the world differently from me but value our friendship the same. They help broaden my horizons and also remind me of what’s most important.

What are you thankful for today? Each day during this month of thanksgiving, I hope to post a thought about something I’m thankful for as a reminder of how much I have.

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