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Blogtober14: dream vacation


on night 14 this month of single-mommydom, with another 9 ahead of me, 24 hours on the sofa totally alone, in jammies, with a book, some Real Housewives, Chinese delivery, a bottle case of wine and zero interruptions sounds like the most perfect vacation i can possibly imagine. if that could go on for like a month, even better. i’m a simple girl at heart, for sure.

interesting prompt, though, in the sense that vacation is definitely a different thing from travel. and the 2 do not necessarily need to co-mingle. i assume a lot of people are writing about where they want to travel. vacation, to me, means relaxing. that kind of vacation is how i spent my honeymoon in Anguilla or a grad school vacation in Barbados, many a long weekend on the Potomac when Spy’s family had their cottage there . . . or our yearly vacation on Tybee Island. that kind of vacation is about getting somewhere, staying, settling in and watching the world roll by from that vantage point. it’s about spending a lot of time with people you love . . . not talking. and then talking about everything. it’s about finding one perfect scene where you can spend a week or 2 and experiencing a slower-paced life with that backdrop.

travel, on the other hand, is busy. by nature, it’s about seeing and doing. i’ve done that in plenty of places over the years. and have my sights on a few new destinations: Strasbourg, Paris (Spy contends it’s overrated, but i should see for myself!), San Francisco/Wine Country, Argentina, Ireland, Costa Rica, Seychelles, Maldives (okay, those 3 are maybe more vacation, but they’re exotic!), South Africa (again), Greece (again), Egypt (again), London & New York (always) . . . i’m a Sagittarian. give me a ticket and i’ll go. the only places i’m not that interested in are China and India. though, with all Spy’s work in China, i think at least Hong Kong (and maybe Shanghai) is in my future. i can deal.

definitely hoping that 2015 brings a lot of both these kinds of vacation opportunities — at least 4 weeks worth, according to my PTO allotment. i’m sure at least one of them will be dreamy. what’s your dream vacation?

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